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New Sound Recordings
Flute sonatas & solo works
The forbidden door a Jane Hawk novel
The crooked staircase a Jane Hawk novel
Smoke an IQ novel
Serenata Latina
Contemporary voices
Exit wounds
Greatest hits
Camp time in California
Uncivil war
Beautiful scars
Requiem for fallen brothers
Art of the mandolin
When it
The ides of March
Dancing with the devil the art of starting over
Kidz Bop 2021
Inhale (exhale)
Every star above
Our woman in Moscow
The Book of Accidents
Devil in Disguise
Better mistakes
I Alone Can Fix It
American Marxism
Poland 1939 the outbreak of World War II
Gentle man
Variations on a melancholy theme
Ancient dreams in a modern land
The people tour live at MSG
Not in chronological order
Hearts town
The golden casket
Always like new
Life after death a novel