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To catch an angel : a novel
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It's after midnight as she dreams of me, her guardian angel.Will she remember the dream she had of me so very long ago?She sleeps on the chaise of her tiny apartment patio near LosAngeles. I whisper," Maggie, it's time. Jeb's spirit will follow."When she awakens, her heart is full of emotion. The nightsky is filled with stars and slow moving clouds. Amid the starrydarkness, the twinkly lights of a jet move north. For north iswhere she will go now. My message is clear. She's waited forthe sign from above. In her dream I have called her home toMystic Bay.She will go without Jeb, her beloved dog, and Brian, herfirst love. Losing Jeb then breaking up with Brian has left herdespondent and homesick. Yet tonight seeing me in her dream,she has hope for a new beginning. She says her goodnightto God and the sacred sky. She says goodbye to the perfectlittle life she tried to create, the white picket fenced life nevercoming to fruition.At home she will hear again the gentle hum of trees. Shealways hears them in Mystic Bay. It's her psychic side. She canhear the hum of life in her childhood surroundings, a townknown for its psychic angelic ways. The mighty windswept pinein her backyard will hum, whispering its welcome. With Jeb'sspirit and me, her guardian angel invisible by her side, dearMaggie Joy Malone will finally come home . .
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